About Us


As a Bumiputera-owned oil and gas services company, commenced operations in 2014. At inception, the company has only 2 employees. After one year of operation, the company has developed and now the company already has at least 6 staff to manage, control, and further develops the company.

From the initial operations of provision of safety equipment supplies, the Company has widened its scope of services into diversified areas of engineering services, fabrication, construction and commissioning of oil & gas infrastructure facilities.

To date, the company has provided various undertakings as operators, consultants and fabricators in diversified areas of engineering, project management, procurement, fabrication, construction and commissioning.


  • Creating VALUE internally and externally to ensure that all of the Group’s activities and operations are executed safely, with quality and efficiency at all times.
  • Ensuring the CAPABILITY of the Group’s human resources and committed to the continuous development of the Group’s people.
  • Engaging TECHNOLOGY that provides solutions that addresses the needs of the Group’s clients.